BYF: BTSPOPPER. i interact a lot. i'm joking most of the time so don't take it seriously. i make kms/kys jokes as well as gay and nsfw jokes. selective fb. sb to break mutual. tl >> dms (unless we're close), dm me if i do/say smth wrong or make u uncomfy. i go priv a lot but req is okay. i sometimes tweet abt anime

DNF: basic dnf criteria. -15/25+ (unless i follow first). don't ult bts. anti of my favs. can't take a joke (grow up). won't interact. bts solo stan (kys). blink, exol, nctzen, engene, stay, carat, swifty, edgy gg stan. srs shipper (weirdo). edtwt. mcytwt. use fonts.

OKAY WITH: gendered terms. kys/die/gay jokes. pet names. jokes in general

STANS/ULTS: BTS (OT7). The Weeknd. Tyler The Creator

LIKE/CASUAL: Twice. TXT. (G)I-DLE. P1Harmony. Solar. BIBI. BewhY. Dean. IU. Doja Cat. Megan Thee Stallion. Frank Ocean. Brent Faiyaz. Giveon.